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6-Way Transfer Valves

For decades, industry has been living with sub-optimal transfer valves as a means to control fluid flow through redundant filters and coolers.  These cast plug valves had two primary draw backs, frequent leakage to the offline vessel and extremely difficult operation.  Despite the presence of several competitive vendors, the traditional designs went unchanged for years. This set the stage for HYCOA's CEO, Jay Williams to revolutionize the transfer valve back in 1980 with our patented resilient seal shoe.  For the first time, "Zero Leak" and "Transfer Valve" became terms that could be used together. This new and innovative approach to an old problem offered industry additional advantages.  Features such as zero friction drag during changeover and a positive mechanical lockdown device have turned the JR-33 into a favorite of design and maintenance engineers as well as plant operators. Of course, success breeds imitation and several other new transfer valves have sprung up in recent years.  However, our patented design is still the only one with retractable, fully covered elastomer shoes.  This feature is important to reduce operating torque.  The retraction feature also avoids dragging an o-ring seal around the valve body bore and causing potential seal wear or damage. Past, present and future, HYCOA's commitment and focus is with the customer who requires top performance from their transfer valves.  We understand the requirements of duplex filter systems, heat exchangers and other critical API auxiliary lube oil systems.  WE also understand the requirements of our customers who simply want top performance in their transfer valve.

Value-Added Features

  1. Patented Shoe Seal provides Zero Leakage and Zero Frictional Drag on Crossover.

  2. Positive Patented Mechanical Lockdown - No Springs.

  3. Exceptionally Low Pressure Drop.

  4. Fabricated Steel Construction-Special Configurations and Dimensions are Available, Consult Factory.

  5. "Will Fit" System-Drop In Replacements for Competitive Valves.

  6. Stainless Steel Internal Trim and Moving Parts.

  7. Easy Low Torque Operation-Handle Extensions are not Required.

  8. No Lubricant Stick Required to Operate.

  9. Pressure Ratings to 1600 P.S.I.

  10. Flanged or Butt Weld Connection.

  11. Compact Open Center Design.

  12. Valve Sizes 1-1/2" Through 8".

  13. Spectacle Blinds are not Required for Tight Shut-Off.

  14. Designed and Tested per API Standards 598 & 614.

  15. Complete In-house Testing Facility for Specials and Customer Requirements.

6-Way Transfer Valves


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