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Centrifugal Separators

Principal of Operation

The Anderson Hi-eF™ Centrifugal Separators operate on a patented two-stage principle of separation that employs carefully controlled flow guiding the entrainment laden vapor through a series of vanes and baffles.  Each component of the separating element is designed to obtain maximum separating efficiency.  Briefly, in the first stage of the separation, impingement against a baffle removes the larger droplets of entrainment. In the second stage of separation, the separator removes the fine mist entrainment by utilizing centrifugal scrubbing action through a uniquely designed contact element.  In each stage, the gas medium and the separated liquid are carefully and continuously guided for maximum efficiency.  The separators are designed to handle large volume flow of a broad range of fluids.  Self-cleaning and engineered without filters or moving parts, the separators are free from maintenance and repair.

ANDERSON's line of standard and custom centrifugal units are excellent for your air and steam separation needs.

  • Vertical Up Flow

  • In-Line

  • Exhaust Heads

  • Combination Separator Traps

  • Internal Steam Drum Purifiers

  • Multi-Stage and Single-Stage Designs

Centrifugal Separators

Available Models

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