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Combination Separator Trap
81S, 81F, HSW, HSWF

Anderson Model 81 Separator
Gas Liquid Separator Screwed End.tif
Gas Liquid Separator Flanged End.tif
Gas Liquid Separator Line.tif

The Anderson Model 81 Separator is an economical way of removing
particulate from air, gas, or steam lines. The compact impingement vane
type separation element allows for maximum removal efficiencies while
maintaining a minimal pressure drop across the separator. When combined
with the integral float draining mechanism the Anderson Model 81 will
automatically drain all the liquid from the separator while not allowing
blow-by when no liquid is present.

  • Proven impingement vane type separating element.

  • Can be supplied with or without integral float trap

  • Removes 99% of liquids and solids 10 microns in size and larger

  • Integral baffle plate helps to prevent re-entrainment

  • Threaded NPT line connections from 1/2″ through 3″

  • Flanged 125lb. connections 2″ through 3″

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