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VertexCore™ Filter Elements

Improve Vessel Operator Safety and Reduce Confined Space Entry

The Problem

Coalescing vessel design requires the filter element to terminate well below the outlet of the vessel.  Operators are required bodily entry into the vessel to change out the coalescing elements. Vessel entry creates additional safety concerns, and permit- required confined space.

The Safer Solution: VertexCore™ Filter Elements

We have developed an element mounting that positions the element hold-down nuts at the vessel opening. The extensions allow operators to change elements without climbing into the vessel.   A vessel utilizing our mounting does not require confined space permit.

  • Easy to retrofit existing vessels

  • Coalescing elements hold-downs terminate at the vessel opening; allowing easy access.

  • Extensions allow element removal without operators climbing into the vessel.

  • Increased operator safety with improved ergonomics. 

Click here to view the VertexCore™ Brochure.

VertexCore™ Filter Elements
VertexCore™ Filter Elements - in vessel

VertexCore™ Element Advantages

Advanced Design to Improve Efficiency

  • Multi layer VertexCore elements maximize filter media (versus traditional elements)

  • Third party testing confirms increased efficiencies per ANSI/CAGI 400 test standards.

  • Removal efficiencies down to 0.3 micron at 99.98% with maximum carryover of 0.1 PPMW.

  • Elements designed for critical use applications in the power, oil, and gas industry.

Reduced Annular Velocities, Increased Removal Efficiency for Solids and Liquids

The enhanced efficiency of the VertexCore elements allows for retrofit in existing vessels to eliminate carryover. VertexCore elements allow for reduced velocity at outlet nozzles with the added benefit of operator safety at change out.​

Maximizing coalescing vessel performance requires controlling the velocities and spacing of the coalescing elements in the pressure vessel. Clark Reliance provides elements with the maximum surface area. By optimizing our filter elements to meet required efficiencies, we increase your system’s efficiency. We have an extensive R&D and third party testing program.

vertex cutaways.PNG

In an effort to reduce vessel freeboard, some manufacturers will position coalescing elements at or above the vessel outlet. Without adequate spacing, overall vessel efficiency is compromised.

When standard coalescing elements are positioned an adequate distance from the vessel outlet, access is difficult. Operators changing coalescing elements must enter the vessel and risk entrapment.

VertexCore elements allow the proper placement of coalescing elements in the pressure vessel with the added benefits of increased operator safety.

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