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Anderson® Separators for Compressed Gases Including Natural Gas Applications

Clark Reliance provides mechanical separators, filtration, and coalescing equipment in applications ranging from the wellhead to gas turbine at the powerplant.  Used primarily in critical use applications.


Coalescing Filter Vessels

Multi-stage separator that provides maximum solid and liquid removal.  Obtain 0.3-mcron removal of solids and liquids down to 99.98% efficiency. Absolute protection of critical use equipment such as turbines and contactor towers.

Available Models


Centrifugal Separators

The Anderson Centrifugal Separators direct the flow entrainment vapor through a series of lovers, and baffles.   Units operate with no routine maintenance and no moving parts. Units obtain contaminant removal down to 5-micron for particles and aerosols.


  • Vertical Up Flow

  • In-Line

  • Exhaust Heads

  • Combination Separator Traps

  • Internal Steam Drum Purifiers

  • Multi-Stage and Single-Stage Designs

Available Models

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